Fordham Univserity GO-Ghana Team arrived Safely!

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GO-Ghana 2012 arrived safely in Ghana and are all doing well. The group spent couple days in Accra touring the City.

Wed May23, The team visited University of Ghana, Legon, Nkrumah Memorial Park, Independence Circle and the National Museum.

Thurs May 24, the team continues their tour in Accra and then departed to Worawora

Friday May 25, GO-Ghana team met with the Worawora hospital administrator and the Dr. Mensah. They had a tour of the hospital by Dr. Mensah and had a discussion of the Hospital. Also they explored the Worawora, met community members and met family

Sat May 26, Group visited Taft Monkey Sanctuary and visited previous project done by GO-Ghana and other PACE-Ghana projects

Sun May 27- GO-Ghana team continues to do well. Everyone is healthy, no sickness. The team went visit local churches in Worawora. They met the Worawora Library Board and then were entertained by the traditional Adowa drumming and dancing group.