Children grow up without having a favority childhood books. Invest in a child education in Ghana by making a donation to enable us provide books available for all children in Worawora.

One and the most important resources that we don’t have at the Library are African and African-American Literatures, History, Poetries, short stories, autobiographers. We are appealing to donors to help buy these books to establish a Pan-African Study Center at the Library for Research

Did you know, children in Worawora, and many other rural communities in Ghana have never seen or touched a computer or keyboard before? Please contribute to PACE-Ghana to help us refurnish our computer lab  and have it accessible to the community members and the local schools.

Are you eager to bring change and help make the world a better place? Volunteer with PACE Ghana for two (2) to one (1) month and gain a life changing experience.   

Make a Donation to:

People in Action for Cultural Enrichment

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