Our History

PACE-Ghana is a Non profit International Organization that aims to empower communities in Ghana to improve education, health, cultural understanding and promote self-suffient.  P.A.C.E-Ghana was established as a community based non profit organization in Ghana in 2007 but the spirit of the organization took root much earlier, in 2002.   After a visit to his home town of Worawora (Ra-Ra), Ghana, Le Moyne college student Kofi Addai captured the interest and imagination of fellow students Joe Wachunas and Melanie Addai with his descriptions of his travels and reunion with family in Ghana.  Together they envisioned an opportunity to contribute to Worawora and communities across Ghana.  Their effort grew from the collection of books and funds to a LeMoyne College service project and group trip to Worawora and the establishment of the town’s first library, the Okyeame Dankwa Memorial Community Library in 2004.

Since the establishment of the Library, it has served as the foundation for numerous programs and projects that have enhanced the lives of community members and visitors from organizations in the US.